28 thoughts on “WWWAT:A Different View

  1. Look at you with a newborn and still having time to take pictures for wwwat! You’re a supermom for sure. These are great! I love the tower tingy. Not sure what it’s called, but it’s a really great shot.

  2. Really cool perspective…I get dizzy looking a the picture, looking up the inside of the structure…(can you tell I don’t *do* heights?!?)
    Happy Wednesday!

  3. Love the photos. I have been begging my hubby for a windmill and he keeps telling me no. I figure one of these days he will give up and say yes.
    I love sunflowers but being a farm girl was raised believing they were weeds. Really why else would dad have me out in the pasture cutting off the heads right along with the thistles.

  4. Love the upshot of the windmill, the sunflower playhouse is great. I love sunflowers. And last but not least, your children are beautiful. Great job.

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