What a week and a half!

We have been busy–

–squeezing every moment of enjoyment from life–

–emotionally distraught–

–all at the same time–

Last Monday we visited my cousin a few hours away and spent the night with them. Tuesday, after very little sleep and a ridiculously slow start on my part, we went to a wonderful children’s museum.
She had said she’d heard it was fabulous, five stories of fun. It turned out to be three stories high, and after a huge day of fun which completely exhausted me, Aviana, as we were leaving, whined, “I thought it was going to be five stories high, not just three!”

Grrr…Frustrating. Especially because I still had to drive a couple of hours home, and was already at my limit.

Wednesday is an utter blank.

Thursday my mom and dad came over for a visit. I am so thankful they are part of our daily lives.

Friday we visited our friend’s new little girl (what a delight she is!), bought material for curtains for the camper, went home for quiet time, went back to town to go to the park for some hooping fun. We enjoyed being sprayed by the fountain and at the playground.

Saturday we visited a working grist mill. We had planned to go for a nature hike too, but it was pouring down rain the entire time we were there.

Sunday I got one of the curtains made, and it turned out so adorably too!

Sunday evening I was making myself a cup of tea, with my three cherubs right by my side as usual. Cadrian somehow reached up far enough on the counter to grasp the saucer my cup was on and flip the whole thing over onto himself as I was pouring the boiling water into the cup!

Thank God my instinct was to get his shirt off and get him under the water in the kitchen sink. Acting quickly stopped the burning at the second degree. I’ve heard of children doing the same thing who ended up with third degree burns, long hospital stays, and skin grafts. Thank God it didn’t get in his eyes or on his face. Thank God neither of the girls were burned. It could have been SO much worse. He ended up with a largish burn on his chest and tummy, and several small ones on his arm.

We did a lot of research, a lot of talking, a lot of praying, and within the hour had him sleeping comfortably at his normal bedtime. We opted to treat the wounds with vinegar and aloe. We kept his burns wrapped in a diluted vinegar cloth all through the night, and he only woke up twice, and even slept a bit later than usual.

In the morning, he seemed more uncomfortable so we decided to go to the doctor just to have everything checked out. Let me tell you, there is nothing like having your parenting decisions called into question by a medical professional. Even though the appointment was two days ago, I am still angry about how she treated us. She thought we should have gone to the ER Sunday night.

It should be allowed to have differing opinions. I am the one who has my child’s best interests at heart. I am the one who loves him with every breath of my existence. I am the one who would go to the ends of the earth to protect him and keep him safe. I should be allowed to make the decision I thought was best, even if it isn’t the same choice she would have made. I shouldn’t be made to feel negligent, even while giving good, thorough, loving treatment, just because I don’t have an “MD” after my name.

Monday and Tuesday, I spent the whole day holding my sweet boy, who just rested and slept a lot.

Today, he is completely back to normal; tantruming when I say he’s done at breakfast because he starts flinging oatmeal, chasing his sister around with a spray bottle, chuckling loudly all the while, climbing in and out of his high chair and the swing and the bed, even though he’s got to be scraping the burn on his belly as he does so.

What a joy to hear him laughing once again! Thank God.

6 thoughts on “What a week and a half!

  1. And what more did the doctor say would have been done for him had you gone to the ER? You would have been sitting there with a bunch of sick contagious people coughing all over him, he would have been bored and miserable, which in turn would make you miserable. So I think that would have been my question to the doctor. Is what would the ER have been able to do for him? I think you did just fine. Might not have been my way of doing it or that doctor's, but hey proof positive today that he's good. And let me just say when I say it might not have been what I would have done I should also mention that I probably would have called my doctor and she either would have told me what to do over the phone or had me come into the office so we wouldn't have had to wait in the ER. If your doctor wouldn't have done that, then I don't blame you for not wanting to sit in the ER for who knows how long with a crabby toddler.

  2. I agree with you Jessica. YOU are the one in charge and absolutely without a doubt have C's best interest at heart. You have something BETTER than the "md" (in small letters thankyouverymuch) after you name, you have the word MOM! GO JESSICA!

  3. What a week you had…sometimes God surely brings the rain..yet, He's always our life preserver, no?

    Yeah…I'd be REAL ticked at the whole ER scene, myself.

    I think our culture is abusers of the ER and Dr visits in general. So, when a parent chooses to avoid Dr's unless they absolutely cannot treat something on their own, it can be mistaken for some kind of negligence!

    However, you and I would likely call it responsibility, and an outpouring of love and the desire to refrain from stress, worry, trauma and perhaps treatment that isn't needed!

    I'm sorry you got treated like that. I still, years later, have a particular pediatrician's harsh words chiming in my head…

    So glad your little man is feeling better, and I pray it continues to heal, and that you have a peaceful week..let those words roll off your back. You are a mindful mama. 🙂

  4. o_0 Oh my word, so scary! I am so glad he's okay. And I can attest to the questions of Drs at the ER. Grrr…. *How did your daughter get a knitting needle??!?!* Hugs!

  5. Glad to hear he's healing well- thats scary!

    I'm in agreement with your judgement of homecare. However, working in a medical office, I hope to offer a little perspective. It goes against a doctor's instinct that people can treat effectively and properly at home. So often, they see patients that are unable to use the most basic common sense to solve the simplest problems. You did what you felt best (and reacted appropriately!), and the little cutey is doing well. She was going on training and truly had his well-being in mind, thus her reaction, though it was unfriendly. Kudos to you for your quick thinking!

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