we’re still here…

Just wanted to stop in real quick (as quick as dial-up) to say we’re still here. We were supposed to get high speed installed on Friday, but the guy came out and saw immediately that it would be a much bigger job than he thought given the old wiring in our old farmhouse, and he was already behind because of a huge storm the night before, so he would be back today or tomorrow. Well.

When I’m SO close to high speed, it seems like a huge waste of time to wait six minutes for each page or picture to upload, when any second now I’ll be able to do it in a fraction of the time.

It’s afternoon now, and still no word.


Friday: Nice quiet day at home. Mom decided not to go home for the weekend. Went to a friend’s to do some scrapbooking; got 4 layouts well on their way. Came home in the pouring rain with a migrane.

Saturday: Migrane pretty much all day. That sucked. Saturday night Mom, Dad, Grandma and I spent some great time in worship and prayer, praying against the spiritual attacks it seems we’ve been fighting this week- me with two migranes in four days, Mom with her stomach a ball of anxiety and worry, over what really are small things.

Sunday: Church and a fantastic meal of honey-mustard sirloin kabobs (without the kabobber, which really then, would be small chunks of meat on the grill), potato foil packets, salad. Kevin and I hung out for a long while watching a dumb Jean-Claude movie on TV, but mostly just reconnecting.

Today: We were supposed to meet some friends for a picnic, but Aviana woke up with a fever, so mostly I’ve been cuddling her all day. She’s now blessedly asleep, so of course Brielle wants in on the snuggling action.

I started a new book this weekend too and it is greatPeace Like a River by Lief Enger. It’s not so much the plot that intrigues me, though it isn’t a bad one, but the writing that captures my attention. For example:

He laid up prayer as if with a trowel.

The fog lay rich and steamy over the barnyard. It was warm as manure; you could weigh it in a cupped hand. And it really did smell like April, though I noticed it also smelled like a wet dog; the two are not dissimilar.

It only felt powerful, like truth unhusked.

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  1. Don’t you love it when an author’s writing just has you putting the book down to marvel at how they painted that particular word-picture? I felt like that when reading Kristin Heitzmann’s Freefall…

    So sorry you’re getting migraines…you know, I haven’t had one since giving up cappuccino. And my former ones were definitely triggered by stress and missing my daily cappuccino dose…I miss the java but the headaches were a worthwhile trade. Specially the migraines. Talk about rendered useless and miserable!

    You’re getting high speed internet! Fun! We’re on dial up and I guess I’m blessed because it seems pretty high speed to me. There is one site (not yours) that pics take forever to load up, but I think it’s how they configure their pics, not my internet connections! Everywhere else, the pics are instant.

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