Well, I showered

I know I know you probably did too, but it’s been like three days since I managed it. I’ve been ill y’all. I think the baby is doing something to my immunity because this week I’ve been sick all week–mostly with a cough so bad it makes me almost faint and throw up. Today I have a headache to boot and I’m going to Creative Christmas today with my bro, his girlfriend and our hired man and his wife. When I’m sick even doing something fun like that seems overwhelming and too much. I’ve had to clear my calendar of every single thing this week.

Creative Christmas is our church’s awesome Christmas show. Kevin is doing tech for it and has been gone every night, heckuva week to be sick, huh? This is from last year’s show. There are other clips on youtube too. (Incidentally, in Angels We Have Heard on High, the strawberry blonde alto (in navy) is our midwife.)

I’m feeling whingy (British for whiney) and tired. SOOOOOOO tired. Can I get some “Ohhhh, you poor lil darlin’!” please??

2 thoughts on “Well, I showered

  1. I do feel bad for you… really bad. That beginning of pregnancy stuff with hormones and all is for the bird’s anyways, but to be sick on top of it – just stinks, bad.

    I am totally with you on the shower thing… There is always someone or something that needs me more, and so I put it off and put it off until I just say – forget it! Maybe tomorrow. ‘Cept tomorrow sometimes doesn’t happen either. But don’t tell anyone I told you that 😉


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