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I got totally motivated by this book. I went to Joann’s with all three kids after swim lessons Monday for supplies, is just how motivated. It’s a challenge to go anywhere with all three kids, solely because of the brain power required, and the strength to push the nearly 100 pound cart, let alone make decisions about fabric and thread and whatnot with all their help. It went great though. And just look, so worth it!

They BOTH (even my live wire two year old!) have been enthralled with their embroidery, and have worked on it every day. Do you like Aviana’s outfit? She’s wearing what she wore to bed, plus a sheer scarf, and Dada’s flip flops. You gotta love the unexpected benefits of home learnin’.

This is my little project. We’ve pretty much completely given over our hutches to school storage. It was really bugging me how busy and untidy they always looked, even though they are fairly organized, so I hemmed some material and we stapled it inside the doors. This was supposed to be a before and after picture, but unfortunately, this is all the farther we’ve gotten. Still.

Wednesday it rained all day long. And it was cold. It finally cleared about 5 and I had to send the girls out in their coats and boots. We miraculously enjoyed each other all day. It’s truly been a great week.

This morning I offered to read to Aviana for a while. It took all of 1/2 a second before we were joined by her adorable littles. Notice how protectively I’m holding my coffee. You have to always be on the defensive around here.
Somebody was having a good time digging mud out of a hole and smooshing it all over an only all too willing Labrador accomplice.
I’ll give you a hint: She’s also a little sister.

I was also a hero to this little girl today.

We went down to “our” lake. There is a culvert that runs under the road and turns into a churning waterfall down to the creek. I let the girls put their feet in the water, while I held tightly, so they could feel the power of the water. We threw in some rocks and watched how fast they went over the edge. It was one of those times I was slapping myself for not always carrying the camera.

Just as we were about to leave, Brielle let go of her flip flop and before I could even really say “Uh-OH!”, it was on its merry way down. I was startled when they both immediately started wailing.

I don’t think it was the flip-flop itself, so much, but the scariness of the the flip flop’s trip over the edge. So being the intrepid mama that I am, I made my way down the ‘cliff’. All the while I was asking God to please put the flip-flop within my reach so my girls wouldn’t be permanently traumatized. And what do you know? I didn’t even have to veer off my path; it was waiting for me right at the edge. I plucked it out of the water, and brought it back to two little darlings who were now ready to tell Dada all about their adventure.

And now for our most exciting news of all!

This little girl is reading!

She sounded out words today for the first time. We’re on lesson 9 in Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. I am so blessed to be there for that moment! That moment when it clicked! In a completely different context, she sounded out the same words she had learned in her lesson.
Of course I know she’s not reading reading yet, but to this book lovin’ mama, this is a huge step in the right direction.

She told me, “Then I can read Brielle and Tadrian their bedtime stories.”
“And then what will I do?” I inquired.
“Be on the tomputer.” she sagely answered.

She wanted me to video her “reading” one of her favorite books today, and I told her I already videoed her reading that book. She replied, “Yes, but did you put it where other people can see it?”

Since the answer was ‘No’, here is My Firstborn, Aviana Joy, reading “Silly Sally.”

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