Uncommon Goods: An Honest Review

I sometimes click on Facebook ads, if it’s something that appeals to me. That’s how I first heard of Uncommon Goods. Their website is full of intriguing and appealing gift ideas, for yourself and for others. I had browsed their catalog several times, but never had the opportunity to buy anything.
I was over the moon when Uncommon Goods contacted me to ask whether I would review their company. The answer was a resounding YES! I quickly filled up my cart with $1000 dollars of items I would love to have in my home or on my body, but of course I had to scale back. After much agonizing, I decided on two beautiful yet practical additions for my home.
As you can see, my box arrived damaged. I was concerned about this because I have had to send items back before due to poor packaging. To my delight, everything was wrapped wonderfully and in no danger of breakage during shipping. Even better, Uncommon Goods prides themselves on being an environmentally conscious company and strive to be Earth sustainable in all of their practices, so there wasn’t any wasteful packaging, and what was in the box is environmentally friendly.
I ordered the Nebulizing Oil Diffuser. Isn’t it beautiful? You don’t add any water to it, just your essential oils. It fogs up like that inside when it’s on, and is a gorgeous decoration when you’re not using it. It made both our dining room. living room and keeping room smell delightful, which is a lot of square footage benefiting from the Joy, Vetiver, Orange or Slim and Sassy I have tried so far.
There are no plastic pieces which I really love, it’s entirely wood, glass, and metal with a bit of rubber to hold the glass lantern in place.

Another thing I like about Uncommon Goods is that they have a great sense of humor; there are real people behind their website. For instance, if you search for something on their site, it quips “You searched “Gifts for Men”– and Poof–here are your results.”

I also adore how they support small artists. The craftsmanship on the items in inventory is remarkable. I wanted to buy so. many. things. I ultimately chose the Zen Wishing Stone because if you know anything about my home, you know I need a whole lotta zen. Also, we had gotten my daughter a Buddha Board for Christmas one year, and I loved playing with it until someone got butter all over it and it would no longer work properly.

This Zen Wishing Stone is a piece of slate made by an artist from Oregon. It is very calming to write an affirmation on it and watch it disappear, then to do it again and again.

It’s also fun for the young ones to practice writing or drawing. It’s a great multi sensory tool as well for kids with dyslexia or other learning disorders.

And my 10 year old figured out it’s fun to do her sentence diagramming on it.

All in all, I would heartily recommend ordering from Uncommon Goods, whether you are looking for a unique, meaningful gift for a special occasion or you want to reward yourself for a job well done (or just because you got through the day with only yelling once) (even if it was a 15 minute tirade). You deserve the beauty of Uncommon Goods.



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