Time to go

After an incredibly busy and fun filled week (well, for the most part), now it’s time to go on vacation. My parents are taking the girls and their dog in our van and I am driving the boys in their car. Kevin unfortunately has to stay home but he’s done planting! (Pray for rain in our neck of the woods. It’s almost a dire situation at this juncture)

We are driving to my aunt’s house in Springfield MO tomorrow, they are staying with her; the boys and I are staying at my cousin’s house. Then we are all going to Hot Springs Village, AR to meet up with our cousins/nieces/nephews  and Tia (my sister) and Uncle Tony who live in CO.

I’ve got the girls pretty much ready to go and a good start on the boys. I need to pack myself and all the miscellany besides clothes we need to take. We rented a couple of vacation homes (at only $85/night, it’s a pretty sweet deal) but we have to take our own coffee making supplies, paper products, cleaning products and what not.

I was thinking that I would continue to cloth diaper while there since we have our own washer in the house, but now I’m feeling too tired.

I cleaned out the van and vacuumed the whole thing. I am thanking God for Kevin who took the children to the library, park, to watch boats on the Mississippi and out for lunch. I was NOT making any progress while they were “helping”. I think, in fact, I was going backward.

I still have to get snacks and what not made and packed, entertainment (the girls are SO much easier as they will listen to books on CD the whole trip (and knock out their library summer reading program in one fell swoop)) and finish picking up the house.

It’s a lot of work to have fun!

2 thoughts on “Time to go

  1. Hi, Jessica!

    I was reading our Samaritan Ministries newsletter tonight and came across the lovely article about you and your family, so I thought I'd pop by your blog and say hi!

    The last line of this post made me smile in that "oh, yes, I can relate" kind of way. It truly is a lot of work to have fun, especially with little ones involved…but so worth it. I hope you are indeed having a great time! 🙂

    Many blessings to you!

    ~ Davene

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