That Bible!

We got into a discussion this morning about why you need water. I was trying to explain how your body is made up of mostly water, and you get water from food you eat and everything you drink. I asked Aviana if she had ever seen blood, like when Dad cut his finger or anything.

“No,” replied Aviana, “but I’ve seen blood in the Bible.”

That Bible! It’s full of blood and violence, sex and scandal, gossip and murder plots. It’s just full of villains and heroes, and regular people who do the right thing in spite of their circumstances and regular people who screw up and regular people who are redeemed. The most amazing thing to me, is, it’s full of how much God forgives. How much God loves. The lengths God will go to save us from ourselves.

2 thoughts on “That Bible!

  1. Mary at Homesteeped Hope says:

    Lol, so true. I love the fact that God created such a wild and amazing world for us to live in…places of beauty like Hawaii, the raw wilderness of Alaska with its Grizzlies and volcanoes and earthquakes and waterfalls…He even pronounced it all “good”!

    So cute that your Aviana equated blood with the Bible!

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