getting a puppy FB size

Funny farm

My friend, to Brielle: I like your dress Brielle: Thanks, but you’ll like my other one better. ************************************* I am walking down the stairs. Cadrian, looks up delighted: Mama! You’re so cwever!  Me: I am? Him: Yes! I was just wooking for you, and den here you are! ************************************** Aviana’s New Year’s Resolutions include: “Learn Carry on!


oh dear

This morning I’m snuggling with my sweetest three year old. We’re chatting about nothing at all. Suddenly, he exclaims, alarmed, “Mama! What happened to your forehead?” “I don’t know, what?” “You have big wines dere, wike waiwoad twacks!” Yeah, apparently I’m getting old and wrinkly.

getting a puppy FB size

Things that made me laugh yesterday

*Denton’s belly laugh when Cadrian walked around outside kicking leaves into the air. *Aviana came downstairs singing: Beethoven, Bach, don’t forget bronze fleas!  I was pretty sure that wasn’t how the song went…If you’re not familiar with the Beethoven’s Wig CDs, check them out. They are a delightful way to introduce children to classical music. Carry on!