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Brunch at my house

18 little ones.2 bumps.6 mamas.A driveway cum minivan lot.Fruit.Monkey bread.Egg casserole.Banana bread.Acini de pepe salad.Juice.Coffee.Deliciousness.Absolutely no leftovers, (luckily I set aside plates for Kevin and my mom, or they wouldn’t have gotten any lunch.)A modicum of conversations above the general hubbub.Knowing you have women by your side who completely understand.And a completely clean kitchen (only Carry on!


We may have gotten a little carried away…

A simple game of dress-up… dancing regally around the living roomNot quite swinging from the chandelier Gypsy wanted in on the act. Really she did.Dancing regally with Brielle…Uh-oh…What’s Dada going to say when he sees this?Shrug. I’ll just chew on my tiara. I’m comfortable with my manhood.It’s inevitable really, what with two sparkly big sisters Carry on!


Fancy Tea Party

You’d never guess I’d been up since four…Cadrian looks like he’s being possessive doesn’t he?My nephew Titus and little friend SydneyReading some Valentine storiesCora enjoying her snacksAviana being cooperative with the cameraAll the fancinessHomemade pretzelsLondon Bridge and dancingAviana and Ella counting the booty after the heart hunt