Mama’s Daybook FOR TODAYOutside my window…frosty I am thinking…I should really be in bed I am thankful…to spend time with my brother and new sister From the learning rooms…elving and Advent In the kitchen…Chicken tortilla soup was a big hit tonight. Not a smackeral left I am wearing…a bright striped sweater jeans striped socks and Ugg Finish reading this post…


Farm Fresh Birthday #1

Kid #3 had Birthday #1 in the Farm Fresh Birthdaypalooza.Grandma brought over yummy chocolate cake. The frosting was a huge hit, as was my Farm Fresh Homemade Vanilla.Brielle had all she could do to restrain herself and not open ALL of Cadrian’s presents. She loved this puppy that blew bubbles from Grandma and Grandpa. And Finish reading this post…


Scary Fairies

The original directions included fairies that looked like this: Ours turned out a little differently… But since the girls haven’t stopped playing with them since we created this wizened old looking creepy …ahem… interestingly unique version of the craft, I’d guess my children aren’t warped or scarred in any way.