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We started out the week with 23 chickens.

Now we are down to two. It’s a wicked raccoon, who also happens to be quite clever. He’s picked the trap K set for him several times, he’s broken through several barriers, he’s sneaky, Kevin even has a coon blind set up (he waits in the garage on sniper post with a .22) and still he manages to kill some hens (and the rooster) every night.

And to make matters worse, the two hens left are from our oldest batch, and they are California whites, which are not the best layers, and are the ones I don’t like because they are the hardest to catch if they get out of the pen.
Aviana told me: I don’t want to be a builder and nurse anymore. I want to be a cooker, like you!
Me: Great idea.
Her: But my food will taste even Better!
Dada: Mama’s food tastes pretty good. How in the world will you be able to make it taste better?
Her: Macaroni. And mashed potatoes.
I’ve been feeling all domestic because I’ve been planting and gardening. To the best of my ability–which is not considerable. Among other things, I planted crown vetch all along the side of the house where we took out some huge overgrown ugly evergreen bushes last fall. The nursery website said that it was a great plant for ground cover and grew so thick, weeds weren’t a problem. I’m hoping that’s true, because I’m not much for weeding.
I submitted my Freaking Genius idea to Parent Hacks, a website I just love, full of ideas from in the trenches parents for everything from crafts to products to potty training to getting organized. I know you all have a fantastic ideas to post there too.
I put on another maternity shirt this morning that I had to change out of because it is already too small.
Brielle has not been getting to sleep well at night. Then when she finally does get to sleep she wakes up every couple of hours. She is so freeking stubborn. I’m fully irritated with the situation. All she wants to do is “rub”me, wherein she gently strokes my arm or neck until she falls back asleep. It sounds sweet, but it gets super-duper annoying because she thinks she has to be full on body contact, and if she finds any sort of bump or blemish she starts picking at it. If I move her over a few inches before she is fully asleep, she has a total tantrum.

I really need my space when I sleep.
Kevin and I get to go see Prince Caspian tonight. So looking forward to a little kid-free zone!

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  1. Very mean coon.

    One of my girls use to say she wanted to be a cooker so she could make people happy.

    I’m with you on the sleeping-got to have my room.

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