Reviews with a Giveaway!

I’ve come across some things lately that I wanted to share with you.

Bugaloo Kids is a company run by a mom like you–she makes AWESOME shoes, similar to Robeez, but as the website says, twice as cute, but half the price. Communication–wonderful.
Shipping–UBERfast. And if you order three pairs, shipping is FREE! Quality–Outstanding. Seriously, these are my new go-to baby shower gift.

I mean! Just look at that baby. I mean, the shoes. Just look at those shoes!

Raising your Spirited Child–I mentioned this book last week, but now that I’m nearly done with it, I can heartily recommend it. I found out, and really, this should not have come as a surprise, that I am a spirited child myself. I wish my mom could have read this book when I was growing up. I would also recommend the same author’s book Sleepless in America: Is your child misbehaving or just missing sleep?

The Word and Song Bible with CD’s is AWESOME!

This Bible/CD set is a tremendous resource for parents and kids. It is so well made and scripturally sound. It contains at least one beautifully illustrated story from every book of the Bible. Each story begins with a Bible verse and follows with an engaging narrative. Voices of the characters differ from the narration and include such well-knowns as Rebecca St. James, Joni Eaeckson Tada and Reggie White. Most stories are followed by a great song which reinforces the lessonand helps you and your child commit the key verse to memory. It is a great way to fill your children’s thoughts with things that matter for eternity. Make sure you get the CD’s with it, as I almost ordered just the Bible, which would still be good, but not as impactful for pre-readers.

The Road to Lost Innocence is a profound book. It’s an autobiography and a heartbreaking story. Somaly Mam was sold into Cambodian sex slavery as a pre-teen. This simple statement doesn’t even begin to cover the horror and pain that was her life as a young teen.

She now rescues girls in her situation, confronting a global abomination that is the sex trafficking of young women and girls. I had no idea of the massive monstrosity that this billion dollar devastation of lives is. Putting faces and stories to the words “Human Trafficking” will call you to action. You can find out how you can help at

One step aheadIf you aren’t familiar with One Step Ahead (for babies and toddlers) or its sister company, Leaps and Bounds (for 3 and ups), you should check it out. This is a company founded by parents, a company who does its comparison shopping and has a parent panel to only offer top perfomers–

Now the Bumbo is available just about everywhere, but in 2004, One Step Ahead was the only place you could find one, and as you can see, we are still using it with Baby #3.

They sent us thisAnimal Crackers Giant Stacking Toy to see how we liked it. See Cadrian’s concentration face? He likes it.

He’s just starting to reach out and hold onto things. The soft easy to hold animal rings are perfect for him.

The two year old likes it too; especially using the soft pole on which to stack the animals as a sword, and lining the animal rings up her arm like giant bracelets.

We give it a thumb’s up.

And we want to give one to you too! One Step Ahead sent us another one for a lucky blog reader. To enter this Farm Fresh Giveaway, comment on your little one’s favorite toy or toys…(Christmas is coming after all). If you link back here, I’ll give you another entry, but leave me another comment telling me you did so.

And even if you aren’t the lucky winner, you can still save on Christmas gifts at One Step Ahead. Here’s how:

Coupon Code – BLOGSAVE
Valid now through 12/7/08
15% off orders of $85 or more

Comment by Saturday, before I get up and get on-line , to win!

18 thoughts on “Reviews with a Giveaway!

  1. Thanks for the tips, lady!

    Now, can we talk about those blue words on the orange background? It’s just wrong. Seriously. I’m all for some crazy and loud colors (I used to have the following hair colors, not at the same time: blue, green, red, another red, a different red, blue, another blue, many purples, yellow, white, and many more), but blue words on orange background is asking a little much.

    But maybe my computer just isn’t loading the page right. I’m going to hope that’s what it is, and that my computer will be fixed when I come back, and I won’t have a headache.


    Your usually color-loving friend,

  2. Hey there! So good to hear you've read Somaly's book. Actually, my friend Patty & Hope (I work[ed] with them here in New Zealand) met her earlier this (after having read her book) and are now participating in her Cycle across Cambodia to raise money for her foundation. Their blog address is

    They are also doing a YWAM school next year that concentrates on children at risk – later they'll be in Africa, working with children in similar situations. Thought you might want to connect with them too. 🙂

  3. I, too, discovered I am a Spirited Child after reading the book. Makes for interesting parenting momemts…!

    I have the CD/Bible set too and am a One Step Ahead fan – I got them to ship my very first jogger stroller to me 8years ago.

    All the way to SOUTH AFRICA….that, my friend, is commitment!

    BTW – I am having no trouble with your colours. But then again I am a bit of a freakozoid when it comes to colour so dont take my way on it!!

  4. favorite toys around here… with the mix of ages and genders our favorites range anywhere btwn – things you build with – to things you craft – to things that make noise – to things you cuddle… MY favorites are the games all four of them play together!

  5. Ezra’s favorite toy is probably his Magna Doodle. I love it because he can draw millions of pictures with no mess, and that handy dandy pen never gets lost, since it’s tethered to the toy. We have one big one for home play, and a travel one for when he’s in his carseat. Also, he loves Matchbox cars, but what red blooded all-American little boy doesn’t? Oh and he also loves this toy:

  6. Onestepahead is my fav! They have THE best babyproofing stuff too! We like our bumbo too, good stuff. The shoes turned out SO cute! I love them!

  7. I have been lurking on your blog for awhile and just love it! I read your article in Country and have been a fan ever since:) SO I hope it’s ok that I enter. My little guys favorite toy is any car, truck, tractor etc. That stacking toy is so cute and would be perfect for out new baby boy new in Feb.:)

  8. The older two are all about electronics- new cell phones this year- and fashion. Clothes, lip gloss, etc. Oh and notebooks. They love to write and love cool notebooks.

    My six year old wants a Nintendo DS (she wanted one last year but I said she had to know how to read first- don’t ya know she has already read throught the Junie B. series and now reads at a grade 3 level!), BOOKS!, and art supplies.

    The youngest? Every commercial on TV and every page of every toy flyer. lol. But when pressed to CHOOSE she says she’ll be happy with anything Santa brings her- as long as it’s not a “boy toy”. 🙂

    My girls get just (if not more) excited about giving. With their lists out of the way, they have been making and buying gifts for their family and friends already. They love putting smiles on people’s faces.

  9. Does a dvd count as a toy? Because I just love BOZ THE BEAR dvd series put out by MOPS. The kids adore them and learn so much that is good & wholesome, not just entertaining!

  10. GeoTrax – The tracks are big and easy to put together and STAY together (many of the others don’t stay together during play leading to frustration). The trains can be battery powered but still work for manual play when the battery is dead (with some the wheels don’t turn when the train isn’t turned on so they are useless when the battery is dead). GeoTrax also has some trains that are ONLY manual play and are cheaper than the battery powered ones. The battery powered trains have remote controls so when they are on they can go forward, some go backward and they can make whistles and things, all by remote. The pieces that come with the trains (with only a rare exception) are big and bulky so they do not pose a choking hazard to younger siblings – BIG bonus! I don’t have to make my son wait to play trains until his two younger siblings are napping.

    Play food, kitchen, etc – Not really much to say about this, kids love to play house. My kids spend tons of time playing with my daughter’s new play kitchen and when they have friends over it keeps them happy with minimal bickering over toys. There are a lot of different plays foods, dishes, pots, pans, utensils and even grocery carts and baskets that you can find very inexpensively in most cases. I also made a bunch of “felt food” for my daughter’s birthday and those were a big hit. It’s so cute to have my little girl make me “dinner” sometimes.

    The best thing about these two favorites of mine are they can be fun for the whole family. I too have a good time when I get down with the kids and build trains and play house. They also encourage imaginative play, the kids make up stories to go along with their play and my son can really get some extremely creative tracks going these days all built himself.

  11. Love reading your blog Jessica!

    My 3 year old LOVES his doctor kit. Especially when he can give a shot to the cat or his little sister.

    We are also big fans of Discovery Toys, marble works. They make a marble castle for toddlers that is not a choking hazard (larger marbles). My son got it a year ago and it’s still going strong.

    His GeoTrax train set is another great toy. He is able to do it completely on his own which is always a bonus.

    And I couldn’t live without my Bumbo seat. I was skeptical at first but my 5 month old loves it. I take it just about everywhere.

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