Elivette has been spending meals in her chair, instead of someone’s lap. Ok, to be perfectly honest, she has been starting the meal in her chair, and ends up in someone’s lap. She doesn’t like it when she accidentally gets food in her mouth, but she sure has fun smooshing it around.

 Cadrian has become quite the little builder. It’s amazing to watch his brain work. He doesn’t write or draw much, but he can figure out puzzles and architecture like a pro. Denton is his little mimic. He does and says everything Cadrian does. It’s adorable and sometimes troublesome.

 Brielle is ingenious.  She wanted to scrub the floor like Pippi Longstocking and figured out how to make it work. She has so much energy and creativity. I forget sometimes she is only 6.

Aviana is the most reserved of the small fry. She likes to do indoor, seat work  type of things much more than anything else. Lately she has been spending a lot of time writing our family newspaper and already has a subscriber. Today’s edition even included a cross word. You can hear her clacking away at the typewriter at all hours of the day. (Yes, I said typewriter.)
Denton gets cold really quickly and I usually have to take care of the baby, so he often gets to spend more time with me. Today though, we got to go outside and help with twin bull calves. The girls named them David and Goliath.

 The girls are still in ballet. They both like it a lot, and it’s like my therapy. The boys go over to my mother-in-law’s and I get a chance to talk with my friends for a couple of hours. They have spring break this week though so I don’t what I’ll do!

 Cadrian and I built a snowman. Or a snow monster. I’m not sure if Denton thought it was funny or disturbing that it was ‘eating him’. It really bothered him when it melted and his outgrown shoes and pants were left bereft.

Tomorrow is the first day of spring and we’re supposed to get another storm…Kevin is already worried about this being a late year for planting. We have plans, pretty much immutable plans, to go to Colorado the first week of June, so that deadline is hanging over his head.

Spring is a catch 22 for me. I love that I finally see the sun and we can be outdoors more. I hate not getting to see my husband and the stress he’s under.

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  1. This was a well-written and enjoyable piece. And tyring. How on earth would you have time to go to school or add other work responsibilities to your list. Baby E has become a full-grown sit up baby! And I love the line aboout getting food in her mouth. 🙂 Your family will treasure these days with you, and this blog as well. Good luck to the budding journalist! Gin

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