Reading Last Light by Terri Blackstock.

Buying a generator.
Building and stocking a storage pantry.
Wearing my poet shirt I got in high school.
Trying to talk my husband into a wood burning stove.
Researching composting toilets and water sanitation systems.
Harvesting some veggies from the garden.
Freezing them plus more I bought from real gardeners at the Farmer’s Market.
Falling in love with Backwoods Home Magazine.
Implementing the Two Minute Tidy.
Not stressing about the state of my home. (it’s been a beautiful thing)
Brushing off the sand from my bed (see the post about the two sandboxes :-))
Designing our Christmas photo card.
Getting ready for my brother’s wedding.
Noticing that I am up before the sunrise now.
Making stuff with my sweet girl.
Spending a lot of time outside.
Preparing to make a lot of applesauce.
Learning how to can tomatoes. (And hopefully applesauce)
Loving my first cup of coffee and my second and frequently third (and even, sometimes, fourth) (I tell myself, hey, it’s better than the Diet Dew habit!)
And snuggling with my husband under a yummy fleecy sweatshirt blanket free from the seed corn salesman.

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