Perfect is in your attitude.

I was just thinking to myself “Today was a perfect day.”

And then I remembered how Brielle was playing in a bucket of water with her Sunday dress on, and got completely soaked. She asks me for permission to dance in the driveway, but ‘forgets’ to ask permission to play in the water.

And how Aviana followed me from room to room literally clinging to me for most of the morning.

And how we visited a new church-an Episcopalian cathedral to be more precise-and we had to do the walk of shame to the nursery back up the aisle with a crying baby and little girls’ dress shoes clattering on the stone.

And how during ‘quiet time’ Brielle woke up me and the baby. And dumped every. blessed. thing. out of her dresser and closet.

And how my dad and I got into a tiff about how well done I like my hamburgers.

But I also remembered the conversations. And the laughs. And the looks filled with meaning and promise. And the inside jokes.

I got the giggles (only once in church though). I got some snuggles. I got plenty ‘o hugs. I got to eat delicious food I didn’t have to prepare, twice! I got to laugh with my husband. I got to play. I got to read. I got to nap. I chatted with a girlfriend on the phone, and with a girlfriend in person in the hammock until way past bedtime. I got some laundry done. I got some picking up done. I got some helping my mom done. I got some lovin’ on my family done.

Yeah. It was a perfect day.

2 thoughts on “Perfect is in your attitude.

  1. I watched a 20/20 special one time and this mother was saying her kids fought ALL day long. They videoed them all day and they only fought about 20 minutes total all day. She could only seem to focus on those bad 20 minutes. Sometimes we (myself included) forget the fun things that happened during the day. I'm glad you remembered…I will try to focus on the good more.

    Great post!

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