It’s Real Life

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Curb Appeal: Here’s our house from the road. Pay no attention to the five gallon bucket holding the front door closed, or the crab grass landscaping. Our house is old (built in 1850, kitchen addition in 1901) and has its issues, but it’s filled with love.

This is my junk drawer. I prefer to call it “the drawer next to the refrigerator”. Do you need tape? Here ya go. Pretty much any variety of marker? Got that too. Motivational sticker? Check. Calculator? Clip? Tape measure? Sticky note? Recipe card? Paper punch? You’ll find it all right here!
My absolute favorite jewelry. Notice where it isn’t. My finger. Which is so swollen right now, I couldn’t even get my bigger sized jewelry off tonight.
From whence I blog: We can close this armoire which is handy for company, and small children. Notice all the sticky notes–lists of funny things Aviana has said recently (a future post), verses, prayers, quotes, a letter to Dear Annie about how a wife’s office is her home and both parents should clock out at the same time, the babies don’t keep poem that Mrs Hub talked about in this awesome post, books I need to add to my list…Also you may see DVD’s, a slipper, a stuffed animal, Baby C’s ultrasound picture, a magazine or two, plus miscellaneous items…need a bobby pin or a screw?

I need to say–I love that picture of the girls in the wagon (which hides a lot more junk and Kevin’s printer he uses exclusively for check writing –and I use it when mine runs out of color ink –shh, don’t tell)
My best feature: I thought long and hard about this; is it my hair (Clairol Light Auburn), my shapely ankles, my outie belly button, the peach fuzz on my chin?

Finally, I decided my best feature is my laugh. That presents another problem…how in the world can you hear my laugh, naturally? I had my mom tape me watching this absolutely hilarious video; it makes me laugh every single ding dong time I watch it. The girls’ antics didn’t hurt either. (If you decide to watch the video at the youtube link, know that it isn’t exactly appropriate for children, but it went over the heads of my children.)

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Now, I’m comin’ to your house, I’m comin’ to your house, I’m comin’ to your house…Ready or not, Here I come! Can’t wait!

57 thoughts on “It’s Real Life

  1. That organized junk drawer is what caught my eye! Great pics, loved seeing your home all in one shot, it’s a gorgeous old farmhouse! Wow.

    I will try to get some pics taken tomorrow and posted by evening…it’s going to be a stretch though so forgive me for always being late on this!

    Fun “real life” picks! (isn’t everyone going to use their wedding rings though?) 😉

  2. Loved the video definitely made me laugh too…thanks for the advice on summer activities too I am using the jar idea with the stipulation they have to earn the chance to draw out of the jar! I will try and get mine uploaded in the morning!

  3. LOVE your house! And your best feature is so contagious! 🙂

    Thanks for organizing/hosting “It’s Real Life”! It’s been fun to participate and to see everyone in real life!

  4. How old is your house? It’s beautiful! I remember not being able to wear my rings when I was pregnant, too. I love that you can close up your computer area…And your LAUGH, what a great video!

  5. those rings will be back on your finger in no time!

    i’ve only got about 2 seconds to blog, but i’m totally coming back to watch that video!!


  6. Now that is one organized Junk drawer 🙂 And that was a great video, you do have a wonderful laugh.

    I messed up when I but my link on mr.linky. If you know how, could you take #11 off. Thanks

  7. Your “junk” drawer is SO organized- I’m a little jealous. 🙂 Love your pick for fave jewelry- it’s close to mine. Your house is GORGEOUS (i hope I spelt that right-no spell check and no caffiene yet to help me out). My daughters wwant the computer right now, so I’ll visit everyone on Mr. Linky tonight. 🙂

  8. Now I KNOW why I love your blog…I posted “Business Time” to my blog about 3 months ago. Its my ALL TIME FAVOURITE LAUGH!!

    And yes, girl, I love your laugh!

    I do plan to the Mr Linky thing but have never done it before….hope i can figure it out!

  9. This is SO much fun Jessica. I love that you started this.

    Can I just say I love the look of your house from the curb. It’s perfect. Bucket and all 🙂

    Thanks for another hosting great week!


  10. I couldn’t hear what you were laughing about but your laughing made me laugh!!! You guys are SO CUTE!

    I love your farm house!!! I wish we lived somewhere more quiet and set away (not likin’ the city life).

  11. I played along. This was fun. Let’s do it again.

    I love your house. What is up with the junk drawer. Too organized if you ask me.

    Keep laughing.

  12. This was fun!

    I promise I won’t comment on how organized your junk drawer is… neat freak.

    Just teasing!! I do love your old house. It looks huge!

  13. I too am impressed by your junk drawer. We can barely get ours opened and its even harder to close after we rummage through looking for whatever we were looking for!!

    What a beautiful farm house you live in! It is like a dream house!!

  14. You have a Real Life hit on your hands here, don’t you girl??? Who-hoo!! High-five!!

    Your house is sooooo beautiful! Love that curb appeal shot!

  15. Another fab peek into life on the farm….what’s with your junk drawer??? it is far too organized…my junk drawer is the real macoy….full of absolute junk that i don’t think I have looked at in weeks (yrs) :o)

    Your house looks like a place filled with happy memories.
    I will post my pic’s for this weeks challenge tomorrow & grab Mr. Linky at the same time.
    It is great fun…thanks for starting it.

  16. I recently found your blog through my friend Mandy’s and am enjoying it! And I had to post on this one ’cause I think we have the same engagement rings! What a small world! I’ll have to read your past blogs and get caught up!


  17. Okay, okay. You talked me into it. I’ll even post last week’s pictures just so I’m caught up. You just have to be patient with me. We’re in an electrical storm so the pc is shut off and I’m commenting from the lappy. It might be tomorrow before I get my pictures and commentary up and running! Yay!

  18. I did it! And I signed up at Mr. Linky, but I just directed towards my blog rather than the post. The reason is that I had two posts! So, it’s easier to just link to my blog straight off. I promise that from here on out, I’ll just link to the one post, though! Yay!

  19. Wow–your house is beautiful!!!

    Funny—my junk drawer is pretty organized too, and I don’t have my rings on either!!

    Loved your pics!! Thanks!

    p.s. Sorry I used two #’s on Mr. Linky–I couldn’t get the first one to work–I’m a bit computer-challenged!

  20. Alright Jessica,
    Not sure we can be real life friends because your junk drawer is SO not junky.

    Junk it up a little for me, please???

    PS – Love the laugh!

    PSS – Love your Iowa farm house too!

  21. Hi! I’m back! Thanks for doing my link for me so I could come home to an inbox full of comments to respond to. It was fun after my time away. Okay…I LOVE your house! Can I come visit? My husband is sitting here and he too says “wow”…can you tell we miss our farmland in PA? (It’s his dad’s farm that we built on – but we moved in 06 so that Justin could become assistant pastor.) Anyways….your ring is beautiful, too! And you have a very organized junk drawer – I’m impressed. Oh! Just an idea, but something that I would like to see from everyone’s real life is their favorite picture they have hanging/displayed in their house. See ya!

  22. Such a pretty house. It appears to be quite idyllic, ya know?
    Funny video! You made me smile.
    Great idea to give everyone a glimpse into others real lives. Mr. Man laughs at me because I always say I want to go for a drive and look at peoples houses and see what they have that I don’t.

  23. I’ll give you tips on boys if you help me out in the little girl department!!!

    I could certainly use some of your organizational skills as well! I covet your junk drawer, does that make me a bad person/ 😉

  24. I saw this post on Kim Watson’s blog and I guess I’m a bit of a voyer cause I love to see everybody’s real life pics. I’ll join in on the fun if it’s not too late. Will get my pics taken today and will try to post by tonight.

    By the way – I love your house and I love the space! Must be wonderful living on a farm!

  25. Ok I was going to comment on the rest of your post, but I’m still laughing at that video (the song, not your laugh – your laugh is great!)!!! How hilarious!!! Thanks for sharing! I’m trying to convince my husband to come watch it with me real quick, I think he’ll get a kick out of it!

    Oh yeah, and I’m jealous of your junk drawer. My husband will tear through ours looking for something and it will never be the same. Sad messy little junk drawer 😉

  26. the “team building tshirt” comment cracked me up! THATS real life! I couldnt listen to your laugh on my phone, only could see you tube link. Will come back later!

    Your house is fabulous! Love it!

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