Not My Grandma

Mother’s Day which was also Grandma’s 86th birthday
Gigi, Ella, Tía
Amelia, me, Grandma
Aviana, Brielle, Cora
only woman in our family not pictured, my lovely aunt Barb

Not My Grandma!

Some grandmas sit and stare out the window
hoping forlornly for some company
Not my grandma!
My grandma sits and writes letters
sending her company to us with love

Some grandmas walk with a cane
shuffling along, afraid of falling
Not my grandma!
My grandma hops astraddle a horse
laughing all the while

Some grandmas live in Florida
and play bridge and bingo with old folks
Not my grandma!
My grandma lives with her daughter
and plays Memory with preschoolers even when they cheat

Some grandmas wear ridiculous red hats
with bright red lipstick that doesn’t go, bedazzling the world
Not my grandma!
My grandma wears bright purple butterfly tee shirts
with love that is boundless, lighting up for those who matter

Some grandmas go on cruises around the world
and spend their money on men and gin
Not my grandma!
My grandma comes to my house to be with her family
and buys pizza and fried chicken
and overpriced hamburgers

Some grandmas have wrinkles and crow’s feet
saggy jowls and bulldog frowns
Not my grandma!
My grandma has skin softer than my baby’s bum
feather hands that hold my own
and beautiful brown eyes that crinkle when she laughs

Some grandmas make scratchy sweaters of
hideous colorways and expect
their grandchildren to wear them to school
Not my grandma!
My grandma creates gorgeous quilts of
coordinating colors to snuggle up under and is
amazed when we’re delighted with her work

Some grandmas take their grandchildren to
smoky casinos to play the slots or craft shows with endless booths
Not my grandma!
My grandma takes her children to
the ballpark to watch the game and libraries and
church with stained glass windows to the ceiling

Some grandmas are busy with their work,
in a store, in the house, in the garden, working for their worth
Not my grandma!
My grandma notices. Pauses. Stops. Listens. Prays. Hugs.
Her worth is from her God.

She is small with a heart so big
She laughs easily and loves well.
She gives of herself to those in need, those in want, and to those
who don’t know what they need or want.
She is patient. She is kind.
She is not self serving.
She is love.
She is no longer of this earth,
but she is enduring.
Her faith. Her love. Her hope.
In me.
I hope.

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