More about our trip

I mentioned we went to the Titanic Museum. Is that not the coolest?

The only thing I was disappointed about was that due to copyrights, no photos were allowed inside the museum.

Aviana was interested in learning more, so of course, I turned to my home away from home, the library. We found a super duper book called
A mom, who survived the sinking with her husband and only son, wrote the story for her son a couple of years after the sinking. She gave it to him for Christmas in1913. Many years later, a relative found the book among the mom’s belongings and published it. The book includes both illustrations and photographs.

It’s enough to give you goosebumpies. Go out and get it right now! I’d love to hear what you think of it.

We also visited The Butterfly Palace that day; here is a sampling of our morning.

3-D Glasses

Aviana was earnest in her love for this chair in the bathroom. She wanted me to take a picture of her on it, and of it by itself. I am earnest in my love for my daughter.

When this butterfly opens its wings, it looks like this:

In the mirror maze
Notice a butterfly over Kevin’s shoulder?

What a cool visit!

12 thoughts on “More about our trip

  1. We have a place here similar to the butterfly place you went to. I’ve only been once, but it’s really neat how the butterflies just fly all around and will land on you. I’ll have to plan a trip up there again one of these days. Of course you’re not allowed to bring strollers in.

  2. Way cool. I remember reading everything I could about the Titanic as a kid. I now regret having not gone to see Titanic stuff when it was touring through our area.

    Those butterflies were beautiful, too.

  3. Those are some great pics! Loved the chair in the bathroom and your love for your DD. Loved the butterfly bench and that beautiful butterfly which is blue when opened. What a fun experience for you all!

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