Lovely, just lovely.

Still pregnant with a belly that moves around independently of its owner. And now Kevin and I are both sick. I would post a pic of our bleakness, but I don’t want you getting sick too.

I called my mom yesterday trying desperately not to blubber, but yeah, right, like I can ever hold back emotion. She met us halfway between our homes and we gave her the girl. Aviana was smiling broadly as she drove away on her first adventure at Gigi and Opa’s. She’s thanking us for pawning Little Miss off on them for the weekend. Ya gotta love grandparents. Skewed thinking, but still, ya gotta love it!

What does a young couple do with newly rediscovered freedom? We stopped at a couple of farms on the way home as Kevin has purchased a grain bin aerator from a farmer in the area, but he didn’t have the guy’s phone number. He knew which road it was on, and figured we could find it. We didn’t. While I sat in the car waiting as he chatted up these farmers who did not sell him an aerator, I journaled and read. I am working on finding my “sweet spot” ,the place in my life where I am best utilizing my talents and gifts (such as they are) for God’s glory and my own optimal satisfaction. Then we stopped at Farm and Fleet, the store “that has everything” (but no feminine care products or diapers) where he bought weed killer and transmission oil and string trimmer line and I bought a couple of turtlenecks for Sweet Baby A for the incredibly low price of $1.88. After a stop at the movie store, we headed home for some recovery. He’s feeling a bit better and I’m feeling a bit worse.

I’ve moved our recliner in front of the computer, so I’m lying around as I write this, but I think it’s time I go lie around in front of the TV. After all this time of praying I’ll go into labor, now I’m praying that I won’t.

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