Let’s play a game…

It’s called “Where in the world is Brielle Analiese?”

**in the kitchen eating the rest of a tub of cool whip

** in the back seat being all sophisticated in style

**out on the porch trying to climb into the guinea pig cage, resulting in the overturning of the cage and the unfortunate demise of an innocent pig

** in the summer kitchen, pouring out buckets of corn

** in the bathroom, getting into Mama’s make up. Again.

**in plain sight, 18 inches away from me (I swear, I’m not even lying), while I am doing nothing else, but talking to her and Cadrian, although I will admit, her back was to me.

Should I be fired from my position of Best Mama in the World?

7 thoughts on “Let’s play a game…

  1. You’re the best momma because you aren’t worried about all the little fingerprints left on everything! I love the pic of her with green arms!

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