It’s Real Life

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I am the biggest loser. I didn’t realize until five minutes ago that tomorrow is Thursday! So I rushed up to my scrapbook room which houses my wedding albums and scrapbooks to try and get some pictures of our wedding.

This day was the most wonderful day. I never looked or felt better. I was walking into the life I’d dreamed of with the best man in the world, ready to start a new chapter. So in love. Everything was perfect.

These pictures don’t even begin to do this day justice, but I had to take them without a flash because otherwise the flash obliterated the image in the book.

You can click on each image to enlarge it, but it probably won’t help much. I hope you all are having better luck.

Without further ado, our “I do’s” (and some surrounding events).

I didn’t realize this assignment would be so hard! But I guess that’s Real Life for ya.

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***Our wedding was 29 November 2002. We had silver and red as our colors, and sort of a Christmas theme. The mink was on loan from a friend, so I had to return it, which was too bad, because did I ever feel glamorous wearing it!***

33 thoughts on “It’s Real Life

  1. Oh, my…am I first?!? Okay, so I had to get it up early because I’m headed to DC for Women of Faith…

    I LOVE your pictures…can’t get much more momentous than the wedding that started it all!!

  2. Love your dress! weddings go by too quickly…it is wonderful that you have scraped yours. I have started but have not finished and we were married 2 years ago.

    Happy Real Life!

  3. Oh! I just love the pic of you standing on the road. To be honest, I’m not really happy with the couple pics of our wedding. They’re nice enough but just not special. If you know what I mean. He did a wonderful job on the wedding as a whole, but didn’t do as much with us as a couple as I would have liked. Oh well. Yours are wonderful!

  4. Beautiful wedding pictures, and great scrapbook pages – love them all!!! Great choices! I didn’t get to participate again this week b/c my whole family has been sick with the stomach flu . . . but I’m loving looking at everyone’s elses!

  5. Jessica! You look stunning on your wedding day! Kevin must have been weak at the knees all day long. Wow!

    I’m all momentous over at my place… thanks for hosting again! This is such fun 🙂


  6. Your wedding pictures are beautiful, and the scrapbooking is amazing as well! Thank you for not limiting to this to weddings, so those of us who haven’t been married yet can still participate!! Happy Real Life Thursday!

  7. Love the scrap book! We went so low budget on our own wedding that we don’t have terribly much to show for it in the end. Now if only my .Mac account will start working with me, I can post mine! 🙂

  8. Ok, I know that it’s been said, but I love your pictures!
    I think that one of you two kissing in the car is so sweet. It looks like it should be at the end credits of a movie. I love it. Thanks for hosting again 🙂

  9. Great wedding pictures! And I am jealous that they are all in albums all nice and organized-like. Mine are still… wait a minute! Where ARE my wedding pictures? 😉

  10. you look gorgeous! Def a momentous occasion! Great job scrapbooking!

    I participated this time…not doing linky since my blog is private.

  11. I love the shot of you two in the sunset. It’s so beautiful! I’d love to scrapbook my wedding someday. I’ll probably have to do it on Shutterfly; I’m such a procrastinator!

  12. Your albums look awesome….beautiful photos! You two look so sweet. I was wondering about that luxurious mink – guess that was the “something borrowed?”

  13. You are so not a loser! You are a Mom of 2 who is seriously close to giving birth to a third…I think we can cut you a bit of slack!
    The pictures are beautiful. I haven’t had time to fully appreciate them but I promise to come back again and check them out when I have a bit more time.

  14. Oh Jessica. It looked like a wonderful wedding!

    I’m sorry I wasn’t able to participate. My pictures are all packed up and I don’t have a whole lot on the computer right now. Hopefully next time 🙂

  15. OH I LOVE the scrapbooking!!! It is my hobby.. if I only could figure out how to juggle it in this thing called LIFE! Do you do your own ideas or “scraplift”?
    I am more of a “scraplifter” but twist them a bit to appeal more to me!
    Thank you for hosting this and for sharing your life!

  16. I am so sorry I haven’t been real for the past few weeks. I guess you can say, it’s been busy. Of course, not as busy as you since you are prepping for baby 3. I really, really hope to play next week though. In the mean time… I loved your wedding pics… I think one of my favorites is of the two of you on the road… seems symbolic, with the road of life stretched out before you….
    I hope you enjoy these last days of pregnancy… when I was near the end someone reminded me to savor the moments when I can ALWAYS hold my little one, and feel her moving inside me… we never go back… I know you are probably eager to be on the other side of this. I hope you enjoy these times with the girls and these times with your little man inside and look forward with eager anticipation to meeting him soon!

  17. Here is a link for the No Logo book on my post:

    there is also a short video on her book “Shock Doctrine” on her website, that is well worth taking a look at:

    I took a look at the goodreads site, very intersting. Might join it. I’m in a book club but most of my close friends don’t read so I’m not sure if they’d be on there. Might join anyways though. 🙂 People have made a lot of comments on the books on my blog, so maybe I’ll post some book reviews soon.

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