It’s Real Life

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Here is the It’s Real Life badge and the code to copy which will put it on your post. The badge will appear on your page and will link back here to the fest. This week’s theme is Where the Magic Happens–our bedrooms.

For me, at 9 months pregnant, it’s magic to get a full night’s sleep!

If you want to read these, I guess you’ll have to click on each picture to enlarge it. My apologies. My idea didn’t work out as well as I would have hoped.

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34 thoughts on “It’s Real Life

  1. Your wedding picture is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Very cute room~ Love the color & your Ikea lamps!

    I usually don’t do my,
    ‘It’s Real Life’ until late Thurday night so I thought I would try this one early 🙂 These are so fun!

  2. you’re so funny with your descriptions! (no, i’m not crazy. i’m not pregnant, therefore, i’m supposed to be asleep at 2 am, but, grace came in saying her stomach hurt, so then i came online to find some kind of a reputable source to tell me how i know if it’s appendicitis. because i’m a good mom. oh, but now since i can’t sleep, i finished my blog for the day. check.


  3. I am having trouble getting the icon to link back. I copied the code like you said… any ideas for me? The message that comes up is “Sorry, the page you were looking for in the blog Farm Fresh does not exist.” However it does let me click on Farm Fresh and takes me to your blog. Any ideas? Thanks!

  4. I absolutely love those lamps from Ikea. I really love Ikea all together. The dresser and night stands we have in our room are from there (forever ago though).

    And please, don’t fall asleep with that shirt over the lamp. My husband, the firefighter, would have a fit if he saw that 🙂

  5. Okay, there’s my Real Life. Now I have to jet. I’ll try to come and look at everyone else’s Real Life later tonight if I’m not too exhausted. We are making the hour long drive to this Cranial Tech place for CJ and once our appointment is over we’re taking the kids to the beach. I’m sure pictures from our day will be following soon too. Have a good one everyone and I can’t wait to see where the rest of your magic happens.

  6. Nice room! What a great veiw out your window! And where is your favorite sleepwear?!! Oh! Nice picture frame…okay…same table, same color paint, same picture frames…who’s copying who?! My husband is here and says that next week’s topic needs to be farm equipment! We’re going to his parent’s farm for the 4th and I’ll grab pics to swap with you! 🙂 Have a great holiday weekend!

  7. I adore that black and white photo of you and Kevin! You look so sweet…is that a fur shawl? Your hair looks lovely!

    Oh, and I am happy to see one of the books is a Dr James Dobson…isn’t he great?

  8. Hey there Real Life girl! Your comforter is BEAUTIFUL! Just what I would expect to see on your bed. And the dresser is gorgeous!

    I hope you got a good night’s rest last night! I remember those last few weeks… sleep can be so elusive.

    Thanks for hosting!


  9. Ok, these real life things are getting a little too real!! lol Let’s do something a little more benign next week!! But, it’s done now and all the world can see my messy room. Hey, it’s real life. Have a great day! 🙂

  10. I love the room – it looks fabulous! And a wonderful wedding photo – it’s stunning. No real life for me this week b/c my kids have been really sick.

  11. LOL! I’m so glad I’m not the only one with yesterday’s clothes on the floor (or usually the end of my bed) and who isn’t a morning person!

    Hope you don’t mind, I altered my IRL post topic since I’m on vacay. Am I banned?

  12. Thanks for the real life adventures. It’s so much fun. I must find out which part of IA you live in. My family lives in south central, I also have family in D.M. and friends in the quad cities. I miss it at times, but not the humidity or the cold.

  13. How I wish my bedroom was big enough to hold even a pack and play, let alone a toddler bed!

    Love your wedding picture. I need to put up some pictures… someday soon. Oh and Love the pillows, both the battenburg (?) and the flower ones. Where’d you get the flower ones.

    As far as the lamp goes, there was no creativity involved. It was peel and stick. *grin*

    Your fest prompted me to go shopping and get some new sheets for our bed. Once bit by the shopping bug I went and bought some new shoes and close for the kids on my lunch break!

  14. ps- Do you know what that random piece of wood is to? I often find pieces like a bolt and nut on my bureau because I must have found it and put it aside to have John fix whatever was missing it- I sometimes wonder if things are going to ever come crashing down randomly due to this…

  15. Hey! Sorry I am a day late. I love your pics- especially the wedding picture! It is beautiful! I think you look like a movie star! It’s great. Come check out mine. I had alot of fun doing it!

  16. What a beautiful view you have Jessica! I would love to live on a farm! Your wedding photo is absolutely stunning – you look soooo happy!

    I posted mypictures on my blog this morning too. I’ll always be a couple of days late with htese challenges cause I work full time and only get to take the pics on weekends.

    Have a great Sunday!


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