It’s Real Life–through a child’s eyes

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Here is the It’s Real Life badge and the code to copy which will put it on your post. The badge will appear on your page and will link back here to the fest.

This week’s theme is a photo tour through a child’s eyes in your life.

Give your child your camera and see what they go around taking pictures of. The only catch is–no primping, prepping, picking up or otherwise making your house or self look better than it looks at that moment.

Commentary to go along with the photos always welcome.

Helping Brielle with a puzzle. Boy I look pleasant.
Dada out by the shop. Behind him you see a couple of our grainbins, the red trailer, his White tractor, an auger and…
Belle (our clothes stealing Lab), the chicken coops and the trash burner

Aviana’s favorite stool. I didn’t realize this was a Barbie princess when I bought it, but oh well…
A rather artistic view. She’s standing on a hay wagon, looking through the slats at the north cattle yard and corn crib.

That is me reaching for a clothespin; it only looks like I’m dancing.

He had just fallen over when I was in the kitchen.
Yes. That’s laundry. It was on the table, it’s not really that high of a tower. I don’t think.
A classic early morning shot of the kitchen.
The girls’ “new” loft.

Your Turn!

11 thoughts on “It’s Real Life–through a child’s eyes

  1. Oh so cute!!! I am not able to participate this time around but had to comment. Your little darling is honestly a good photographer!!!

  2. Loved this! It is amazing the pictures she took! And I think it is a lovely thing that you dance (or even look like you are dancing) whilst hanging out laundry! Dancing your way through life is an enjoyable attitude!

  3. She did a good job with her photos! You know you were really dancing while hanging out your laundry!

    I decided to take Trevor’s pictures and do a digi-scrap page instead of the traditional picture post.

    This project was my favorite so far. It’s very interesting seeing what’s important to them. I can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with.

  4. AWESOME pictures!!!! She did a great job with her REAL LIFE! Back in San Diego once, I had let Ashley use my 35mm camera on this harbor tour we did. When I got the pics back, I was surprised to see how little these kids actually saw on the cruise. I dont know why I didnt think of the view from the “bottom” when they were out there and getting irritable. They couldnt SEE anything! Bad mommy and daddy moment… good pics though that I scrapbooked a whole page about her point of view… Thanks for the fun photo challenge.. I didnt have to do any work except upload the pics!

  5. This was a super fun challenge and I truly do Love the Its Real Life challenges you do. I hope you will do more!

    Love the laundry shot (b/c I can SO relate) and also the shot taken from the hay wagon! (very artistic)

  6. I thought my kiddo was too young for this challenge but that wonderful husband of mine proved me wrong.
    There have been days where my laundry looked like that to me.

  7. I loved the pics! Really interesting seeing more of your farm. Oh, and the “bored” pics on the next post? SO cute! LOVE your shoes, ah! You look all pretty and fiesty too, lol. Thanks for sharing!

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