It’s Real Life is back

After some maternity leave, I’m pleased to be able to bring you It’s Real Life once again. It’s Real Life is a blog photo fest in which you take pictures of assigned parts of your real life without staging the area, primping or cleaning or picking up. This week’s assignment is “How I Roll”.

Let’s see pictures of your bicycle, your limo, your metropass or your minivan. Got a My Kid’s an Honor Roll Student at Humperdink High bumper sticker? Let’s see it. Do you sport a suction cup Garfield in your back window? Take a picture of that. Do you keep your favorite CD’s in your vehicle? What are they? Do you stash a pair of shoes and a bra in the van because you’re always late for the car pool? Let’s see it. Petrified fries from a Happy Meal last summer? Rocks from your kid’s last visit to the playground? So many dropped raisins and cheerios you could make snack mix from the floor of your car? Let’s see it!

Be ready Thursday! You’ll come back here and grab the It’s Real Life Badge code to post on your blog, sign up with Mr. Linky and we’ll all see How You Roll.

See you Thursday!

10 thoughts on “It’s Real Life is back

  1. Not too bad…I can do that! Rob just picked a cicada outta the back window of my car yesterday, it was there for over a month, fried in the sun. Gross.

  2. Yay! I saw this floating around peoples blogs and always wanted to join in but I think I discovered it around the time you had the baby {he is adorable, btw!}… hope you don’t mind if I join in Thurs!

  3. I was so going to join you this week, but the day before you posted this, I gutted the car and vacuumed and everything! We’re going on vacation on Thurs and so my van looks nothing like it usually does. Next week I’ll get in on it. 🙂

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