It’s Real Life-How I Roll

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This week’s theme is How I Roll.

This week’s It’s Real Life is dedicated to McMommy. We ‘met’ because she had a funny minivan post back in April, asked to see the inside of our vans, and I played along. Thanks to her, I did an It’s Real Life, before there was an It’s Real Life!

This actually looks pretty good. I live on a gravel road after all.
Belle and Brielle. Cadrian’s seat and blanket. The mail I had just picked up on the way home. Yay–Momsense magazine and my Stampin’ Up catalogue!
Ignore the gunk. Stale Teddy Grahams for an emergency. Tissues are a must when one has severe allergies.
We love fresh breath around here–or is that farm fresh breath? Ha ha. Several state maps, because you just never know where you’ll end up!
The requisite Diet Mountain Dew, choice of champions, and highly caffeinated new moms. My make-up, because when we’re running late, I do it in car. I also have make-up in the house. Someone’s phone number we no longer need on that yellow sticky note.
This is the back of the van. Underneath four lawn chairs you’ll find Brielle’s candy bag from the parade. An air compressor in case of a flat tire.
Also in the back, some treat bags, the Mei Tai wrap, a ‘just in case it’s sunny’ hat, Aviana’s “church bag” (an activity bag for service), and our reusable grocery bags, which I completely forgot about–as I had just taken in a week’s worth of groceries that the bag boy managed to fit on top of all this paraphernalia. There are umbrellas under all this too.

And we have jumper cables under the insulated reusable bag–which I also forgot about thusly leaving the milk in the car during MOPS registration, justifying that it was a cool day and it would probably be ok.
Cadrian’s diaper bag, wipes and yes, that would be a dirty diaper. I took these pictures just after arriving home is my excuse on that one. I had to change him in the parking lot and hadn’t had a chance to dispose properly of the diaper. Yet.
Snack mix anyone?

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25 thoughts on “It’s Real Life-How I Roll

  1. Oh Jessica!

    I kind of feel like it’s our anniversary or something!

    You know, since this is how we “met”……

    Should I buy you some flowers?? Take you to dinner??

  2. I think Cadrian came just to spoil my clean van! (He came right before you were planning on doing this and at that time Justin had just cleaned our van!) Hey…do you sell Stamp’in up?

  3. Yay! I love the it’s Real Life posts…glad it’s back… car looked just like yours when my kids were little…..ok, who am I kidding, it STILL looks like that!! LOL

  4. This was the first time I participated in It’s Real Life…but I read your blog all the time! Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your posts!

  5. When our kids were young, there were no mini-vans, yes we’re old, but if there were mini-vans, our would have looked just like yours.

  6. Yay! I’m so excited that It’s Real Life is back 🙂 I love it.
    I also love those two little heads in that second picture. It makes me wonder what they were looking at 😉

  7. So excited It’s Real Life is back! Unfortunately, I can’t participate this week because not only do I have a working camera, but I don’t have a car 🙁 sad I know! But hopefully next week!

  8. I saw your tissues and laughed. Since we buy toilet paper in bulk at Sam’s Club- we don’t buy tissues. WE all are big allergy sufferes. So I have a roll of toilet paper in my car, in my pocketbook, in almost every room of my house…I could have done a how we “roll” post with a twist. lol

  9. Love it! Love the theme – good work. I’m so in! I’m just trying to figure out where I put my name in…I don’t see Mr. Linky on your post. Hmmmm.

  10. LOL I think all mom’s cars look like that, I have some leftover snacks in my back seats too, for when I get hungry while driving…LOL J/k of course!

  11. Loved this! I wanted to get my post up sooner, but real life got in the way… went to post last night and hadn’t taken the pictures…at 10:00 as I sat with my broken toe propped up in the air I didn’t feel like heading out to take pictures of my minivan. I did get it done during nap time today though! Thanks for the fun!

  12. Darn it! Daniel left the camera at church……… arg! I’ll participate next week!!!

    Your van looks a LOT like ours! LOL! Just blame it ALL on the kids!

  13. Adding your link to my blog…because I likey!

    Will be back for next weeks entry as you don’t want to see this OCD SUV…it’s stained up because of our little sticky fingers but still cleaner then most?! So solly!

  14. So glad It’s real life is back. Gee I think you started something. LOL at the snack mix! Oh and the air compressor is a great idea! I might have to borrow that one.

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