It’s Real Life assignment!

This week’s theme is “Introduce Yourself!” Here’s the catch (ha! you knew there would be one, right?) You have to do it via VIDEO!

I’ve loved hearing the voices of some of my favorite bloggers lately, and seeing them in action, and I’d love to ‘meet’ you as well.

I’m totally stealing this idea from Heart of the Matter, so we’re doing this in conjunction with their Friday Meme, so you’ll need to link up over there on Friday (that will give you an extra day, lil Miss Procrastinator–yes, I’m talking to you!)

Here’s Angela, to show you how it’s done.

If you don’t have a video camera, that’s ok, play along anyway. Use stills and be creative. And Real~! See you Friday!

5 thoughts on “It’s Real Life assignment!

  1. Yikes! The first challenge I sign up for is something akin to the ultimate challenge on Survivor. I’ll do my best, but might have to wait until next week. My video capabilities are even more limited than my internet skills.

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