It’s Real Life assignment

Real Life has been interfering with my online world. Last I checked, I have 126 unread posts in my Google reader, and I don’t even have everyone I read in there yet. I haven’t checked my email in several days. Getting up that post this morning was quite an ordeal because my ‘puter isn’t behaving itself and this chair makes me have Braxton-Hicks. I haven’t even gotten a chance to visit all the It’s Real Life posts from last week!

So. I was going to point everyone in Rachel’s direction for Wordless Wednesday with a Twist : theme: SUMMERTIME!, but her real life has also gotten in the way, what with moving across an ocean with two small and darling children and all, so she postponed her fest ’til next week.

Anyway, all the rambling to say, we’re skipping next week here at Farm Fresh & I want to see your Summertime photos over at Rachel’s next week. Remember that. NEXT WEEK, we’re meeting over at Rachel’s.

So what about this week you ask? Ok, here’s what we’re doing…

I was intrigued by how so many of us had Momentous Occasion pictures in our bedrooms in last week’s It’s Real Life, I want to see more! I kept trying to enlarge the photos, but too many of you foiled my nosiness.

So now you have to break out the graduation photos, the first kiss memories, the new baby snapshots or the wedding scrapbook–whatever Momentous Occasion that’s been part of your Real Life. Scan it, copy it, photograph it, commemorate it, write about it–Share It. I’ll see you Thursday here–bright & early, coffee in hand, to walk through your Momentous Occasion with you! (Let me see the detail!)

And I’ll try not to mess up the code this time.

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  1. Hi, I just read your 101 post. We have a lot in common. Come visit me if you would like. I have even started to do “It’s Real Life”. I love it.


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