It’s Real Life Assignment

This week’s It’s Real Life is An Ordinary Day.

You need to give us a photo tour of an ordinary day in your life. Please do as many pictures as you’d like, up to one an hour, of the day you choose between now and next Thursday. We’ll be posting them next Thursday so you have a week to show us an ordinary day between now and next Thursday.

Some caveats: You must include at least one picture of yourself in action.
You must include at least one picture of someone close to you, also in action.
You must include one picture in your kitchen.

The rest is up to you. You can narrate, or let the photos speak for themselves. You can include many pictures or only a few. You can choose a workday or a weekend. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s an ordinary day and come back next Thursday to link up and see some others’ ordinary days too.

17 thoughts on “It’s Real Life Assignment

  1. Oh man that sounds like fun! I’ll have a hard time resisting this one. I’ve committed to keeping my kids’ pics off my blog and keeping us as anonymous as possible. But then I miss out on fun things like this! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s tours.

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