It just sneaks up on you

I was reading Aviana Curious George Goes to the Hospital. Right in the middle of the story, for some reason I was reminded of when we got the book for Aviana; when she was in the hospital because her appendix perforated. My throat got all constricted, tears rolled unbidden down my cheeks and my heart felt clinched. For some reason, this time, while reading this story to my sweet smelling smiling blond haired baby, I was reminded of how close we came to losing her.

I just cannot imagine.

I thank God every day for giving us the gift of Aviana Joy.

You can go back and read the stories of our Appendix Adventure by clicking on the pink tag.

7 thoughts on “It just sneaks up on you

  1. since i just started reading your blog, i didn’t know about any of that- wow! it was especially amazing that by not allowing her to have the extra pain killers, they were able to finally find out what was wrong! praise the Lord!


  2. My goodness. So glad to hear your little one is ok. 🙂

    Isn’t it amazing how something can take you back in time like that?

    My husband had a brain tumor almost a year ago, and there is one song that when I hear it, I am right back driving on my way to the hospital.

    Thank the Lord for His healing!!

  3. Reading the appendix info and seeing her pics brought tears to my eyes! How wonderful that she recovered and is doing so well. Thank you Lord!

  4. Thank God for His goodness and mercy! Also it is wonderful that we can still be thankful and experience God’s goodness “suddenly” when we least expect it.

  5. Thank God indeed. I followed the link from today’s post here and read every single of these AA posts. As a mom with a six year old who is struggling with stomach issues – these posts are heart stopping to read. As a mom- these posts are heart wrenching to read. Thank God all is well and let’s all remeber to hug our babies a little tighter and a little longer today- because you just never know.

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