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  1. Apparently us non-city slicker, down-home, bitter country folk who run around with guns don’t count quite as loud as a few big cities.

    Unfortunate, isn’t it?

  2. ps-see that blue dot just right to the smack-dab middle of Texas? That’s Travis County. We used to live there. We’re now in the county just southeast of there.

    Just in case you were wondering. I know you were.


  3. Yes. Very interesting. Astounding, even.

    Seems to me that the electoral college isn’t the ‘check and balance’ that it used to be, because small yet dense pockets of city dwellers should not be the ones to pull sway over laws that will affect the way of life for those in predominately conservative suburban and rural communities.

    In any case, the left won’t be able to blame any messes on the right after this next four years…not with a dem controlled congress and presidency. The messes they make will be their own.

  4. INCREDIBLE! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go figure though ….. geesh.
    All I have to say then is

    Darnit. I hate when I vote for the “loser”

  5. Very interesting, and yet so very sad that Obama won. I’d like to think the Democrats wouldn’t be able to blame the Republicans for anything that happens over the next 4, but I am predicting they’ll try to blame everything that happens on the past 8 Bush years.

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