In the…On a

In the market for some red shoes. Saucy red shoes that I can wear whilst balancing a baby on my hip, and the baby bump in front.

On a rampage to toss and give. Toss and give.

Just because my mother-in-law saved those toys all these years doesn’t mean I have to keep them. Especially when they’re broken.

Just because someone gave me all those clothes doesn’t mean I have to keep them. I can bless other people with them.

Just because it may be needed someday, I haven’t needed it in the past year and I really can get rid of it.

In the mood for some chocolate and peanut butter. Good thing I bought some Nutella.

On a roll with the Easter dresses. Hit a few glitches last night, but I fought my way through it. And the place where Brielle colored all over the brand new uncut material with an ink pen isn’t even going to be needed!

In the act of installing new cabinets in our kitchen, in place of the clutter magnet that was the desk and open shelving area. Hooray!

In the family way and contemplating parenting styles. I just subscribed to Mothering magazine. I am not as ‘crunchy’ as they are, but I do do attachment parenting, but not to that extreme. I also post on Fertility Friends pregnancy boards. I am WAY more conservative and natural and attachment than they are and often feel like I’m a loner there.

Isn’t there anyone in the middle, like me?

4 thoughts on “In the…On a

  1. I am so with you on the being in the middle thing! I do many aspects of attachment parenting (Infant Potty Training, babywearing, extended breastfeeding), but then I'm very traditional in some aspects (spanking advocate, I do vaccinate, and I did circumcise my son). I feel alienated by both groups sometimes.

  2. I'm so in the middle too! I consider myself kinda-crunchy yet conservative! I practice child lead weaning (which involved extended breastfeeding with one of the boys), co-sleeping, babywearing, vaccinating, circumsizing, CIO, homemade baby food making, dabbled in cloth diapering….I do what is our best for our family and go with what feels right and that is a little bit of everything! Congratulations on being the Mommy that your little ones need!

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