I should be packing…

instead I have a tired baby doing nursetastics. It’s fun.

We are all flying out to Colorado for a few days. Kevin has a board meeting for Samaritan Ministries, and the rest of us get to hang out at an amazing family camp while he does that. I look forward to spending some time away from home with my babies and my husband. This has been a long and stressful May…and now it’s June and the planting is not all done yet.

We had a wonderful family date the other day and it made me realize how much I’ve been missing my Handsome Husband. I have been soldiering on the best I can, and it’s been good. But it’s even better when we’re all together.

 Even though we had complaining and arguing and narrowly missed getting plowed into by a speeding sports car (seriously angels stood between us and it, that’s all it was) and crying and scraped up legs and bandages applied and whining and loudness, it was wonderful.

And this week will be even better. Especially if I can get us packed.

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