I’ve now been officially initiated into the ranks of motherhood. Hazed,more like it.

Aviana was acting all weird this morning, but I didn’t think too much of it, until she threw up all over me-in my hair, down my back, onto my pants and bare arm and all over the bathroom floor, rug and toilet. Oddly enough, even though I was totally grossed out by the entire thing (like, gag me with a spoon!), I was more concerned about her and how she felt than about the vomit in my hair. I did promptly bathe us both, however, even though she cried the whole time. While I have been spit up on, and baby milky thrown up on, this is the first time I was ever actually thrown up on. Thank goodness I made it two years and three months before going through this lovely experience.

I’m also proud to say that I didn’t even call Kevin for help or even sympathy, but handled all the clean up myself.

Poor little critter. We laid in bed and read for about an hour, and now she seems fine.

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