Happy Last Day of May

What a great day! I feel so full and satisfied.

I took the girls to story hour. There I chatted with a friend. We had a scavenger hunt. Kevin took Aviana with him to get the boat registered and naturally, got the Great Beurocratic Runaround. Brielle and I got the house cleaned–including mopping, dusting and vacuuming. I talked with my mom, grandma and mother-in-law on the phone, each for over a half hour. I got the hobbit room cleaned out–it’s all ready now to begin drywalling. I rearranged and did more organizing in our play room. And we even squeezed in time for some family recreation tonight. Kevin and I had several nice long talks. We had dinner outdoors with dear friends.

Iowa State was hosting a family fun night. There were coaches, student athletes, inflatables, and of course, Cy. Aviana asked if she could meet Cy every five seconds, and when she finally got her chance, she freaked out. But only a little.

Afterwards, we went to Culvers for a better butter burger and a YUMMY custard sundae. Our friends have two little girls, and they all just ran around and played (excepting Brielle, who crawled around eating rosebuds and rocks), and we could eat and visit with minimal interruption.

And to top it off, the moonrise was unspeakably gorgeous.

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  1. Off topic: Nice to meet you. I followed your link from your comment at Mommylife. Your blog header photo is similiar to mine!! Cool. I love the pics of your girls throughout as well.

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