Happy Birthday, handsome husband (and USA)

Yesterday we started the day with homemade elephant ears. 
 Aviana made a banana split cheesecake that Brielle and I decorated to take over to my mom’s.
 We enjoyed playing “Telestrations”, one of our standby games. 
It is SO fun that the girls are old enough to play with us!
Cadrian, Aunt Barb, Aviana, Brielle, Gigi, Me, Opa

 We got in some water play in the sheep tank–even though it was ALMOST too hot hot to be outside.

 Love that boy! He’s *very* close to going in the potty full time!
Today was Kevin’s birthday.
Kevin’s big birthday present–I had aerial pictures of the farm from the 50s through the 90s framed in one  frame for his new office.
 The evening ended with…
 A little rocket fun!
 Classic Cadrian…exuberant, vibrant eyes, bug bites on the forehead, chocolate cheek, stained, holey and VERY favorite tee shirt, grin that will make your heart skip a beat.

 The onlookers…Amelia, Betsy, Tyler, Cadrian, Aviana, Brielle, me and Denton

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