gratefulness 4

Today I am thankful for coffee in a mug that fits just right in my hand. Thankful for the pumpkin spice creamer, the french vanilla creamer, and the peppermint mocha creamer. Thankful for options. Thankful for steaming hot bowls of oatmeal with peanut butter and honey. thankful for the donut hole treat the children enjoy every Sunday. Thankful for McDonald’s dollar menu when we belatedly realize the tummies think it’s noon but we still have errands to run. Thankful for home raised hamburgers with Muenster cheese, that I neither had to make or grill, for fries deep fried in lard from happy pigs, and for fiesta veggies. Thankful for leftover country pineapple casserole and homemade granola “larabars”. Thankful for a six year old souschef and the beer bread we made. I’m thankful for the eight year old who graciously and delightedly entertained the baby (and I daresay was entertained by her) so we could bake. I’m trying to be grateful for the brothers’ whining the entire time because it was an opportunity for me to practice patience, to teach, to address the sin in their hearts. I’m grateful for locally grown yellow fluffy popcorn, that we afford real butter. Thankful for sharp cheddar and pears from our tree and apples from the store.  Thankful for the stolen swigs of root beer. ;-).

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