Good Times

Last night my mom watched the girls for us and we had a date night. We try to make them happen a couple times a month at least, but it still seems pretty special when we go out sans bebés. We went to see I Am Legend, which I immensely enjoyed, even though I had to totally hide my face for one of the fight scenes, and I jumped at every sudden noise. Maybe it was the intensity I liked so much. If you had told me back in 1987 that “The Fresh Prince” would today be one of my favorite and most respected actors, I never would have believed you!

We saw a preview for the second Narnia movie! While I love Narnia and am looking forward to seeing the film, I’m disappointed in a weird way because Caspian was(maybe is) one of the names we really liked for a boy, and now we think it might get too common.

Afterwards, we went to Borders for several hours and spent a lot more money than we planned (which was none!); it’s especially crazy in light of the fact that I am having an Usborne Book Party on Thursday. Kevin likes to tease me that we are book poor.

This morning I ran a couple of errands by myself, which as any mom knows, is a special treat as well. I made a spur of the moment pit stop at Goodwill. I love that place. Where else can you find a hand knit Bolivian sweater for $3? I stocked up on the wool, baby! Plus I scored big time for the girls! Not only did I found some overalls, which Kevin just loves to see them in, but I got pink Keds for Miss A, pink snowpants which she dubbed “perfect” and a beautiful dress for wearing out on a date with her best sweetheart. He’s planning on taking her to a Daddy/Daughter dance next month. I’m just over the moon excited for her!

I stopped at the library, natch, to pick up some holds, check out some DVDs and books for me. I was pretty disappointed with my last batch of choices and only finished one of my checkouts. I finished The Forgetting, a book about Alzheimer’s which was informative, sad and historical, scientific and a narrative all at the same time; half read Sybil, once I realized how horrific the abuse was, I had to quit; Candy Girl, which seemed an interesting premise about an office worker who decides to strip, but I never figured out her point, so I quit reading when she started stripping full time (plus I found out that stripping is Not just taking off of one’s clothes!);War Brides, which while I love WWII, was simply too dull; and never even started a Thoene novel I can’t even remember the name of. And that could quite possibly be the longest sentence I’ve ever written.

This time I got a psychological thriller which by the third chapter already has too much cussing in it, but I’m going to see if it gets better-Little Face (but now that I’ve read those reviews on Amazon I probably won’t); The Nanny Diaries, which looks pretty funny; and a mom lit called Mommy Tracked.

Well, off to read in bed!

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