Ghosties and ponies and snakes, oh my!

Quite the busy day considering this weekend’s level of activity. After doing some laundry (you can see what a big help Miss A is), Aviana and I went for a walk down to the lake (well, I walked, she rode in the stroller).
When we got home, our neighbors had stopped by on their horse and pony. They wanted to give Miss A a ride, but she was more than content to just sit on the pony. Our friends Kylee, Bailey and Owen came over to play and Bailey was treated to a ride.
After nap time–which was quite the challenge to execute (“no nap time, no seep!” accompanied by much thrashing and screaming and scheming), we met up with Tía and the girls at the park. Aviana got to feed the ducks there some bread, in addition to the normal excitment of sliding, swinging and tunnel crawling. More fun than the ducks and playing: some girls had their pet corn snakes there and let Aviana hold the “wittle ‘nake”; I was afraid she was going to snap it in two, she was so excited! Then we went to the chiro and she got adjusted. She thankfully only had one small subluxation after her fall on her face. Oh BTW, this morning, she made me feel even guiltier by saying, “Mama throw you on the nose!” She was most concerned about feeding the fish, and that’s all she could focus on until we were safely on the way home. After a dinner that was hastily thrown together and a much postponed bedtime, she finally talked her sweet self to sleep. Literally.

Baby news: Still pregnant, although I am hopeful that these contractions I have been experiencing at least every 15 minutes since 7:20 will develop into something exciting. I’ll keep you posted. ‘Cuz you know if I am up all night in labor, I’m gonna be on here updating you people.

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