facebook (sigh)

Facebook makes me narcissistic.
Facebook makes me shallow.
Facebook keeps me in touch with distant family and friends.

Facebook keeps me up to date on people I would have absolutely no contact with if it weren’t for Facebook.
Facebook makes people think they know me.
Facebook is an easy way to share pictures and quippy comments with my friends.
No one truly has 487 friends.
Facebook is annoying.

Facebook makes me jealous.
Facebook inflates my ego.
Facebook distracts me.
Facebook wastes time.

Facebook introduces me to places to learn new things, easily and quickly.
Facebook builds a sense of false community.
Facebook helps build real relationship.
Facebook makes it too easy to be rude to people.

Facebook dispenses with the small talk when you get together with someone in real life.
Facebook makes it easy to get commiseration.
Facebook gives me some grown up interaction when I’m at home.
Facebook makes me think I’m more important than I am.

Facebook groups give me a great outlet for exploring new concepts and having conversations without having to leave my comfy chair.
Facebook gives me some entertainment while I nurse the baybay.
Facebook can suck me in.
Facebook can make me feel “less than”.

Facebook is wonderful for quick communication.
Facebook sends lies around the world at lightening speed.
Facebook can be hilarious.

Facebook brings about a sense of camaraderie.
Facebook’s little red notification number is like my siren song.
Facebook makes me think other people are living better lives than me.

Facebook makes me think I am living a better life than other people.
Facebook (sigh)

3 thoughts on “facebook (sigh)

  1. This is giving me strength to delete my Facebook. But one or two of those comments hit me. With so much time alone, and stuck at home, I feel less isolated.
    One way to make real friends. And to grow from those friendships.
    Thanks for the thought you put into this. BTW…I mostly by-passed the photos on this post as I do on FACEBOOK.

  2. Great piece! I'm so torn about Facebook. I've never been on it simply because I don't TRUST myself to properly police my time on it. I see my mom spend hours on there and never get anything done. But she also sees pictures of her 90 year old aunts dancing at their great-granddaughters' weddings…something that would have never filtered down to her in those pre-Facebook days. There's that faction out there that assumes everyone is on Facebook and you are left out of the loop of cancellations or baby showers because it was only posted on you-know-where. It is also so wrong when my high school aged sons say their teachers are facebook friends with their classmates. It just seems so creepy!

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