Don’t Make Me Flip My Witch Switch- $30

It’s the perfect sentiment for this witchy time of year! Maybe you have kids who drive you crazy on that very rarest of occasions, or it could be an annoying partner, or even your sweet little puppy can make you feel insane- you need to warn them that your witch switch is about to be flipped!


Examine the detailed work closely. As you can see, much time and thoughtfulness went into crafting this one of a kind décor item for your Halloween headquarters.

Tuck it into your front door wreath or put it on a plate stand. You can hang it on a wall in amongst other vintage looking Halloween designs or have it hang as a  focus point in your family’s drop zone or mudroom. Where ever you decide to place this adorable little hoop, you’ll be sure to garner attention and raves from family and guests this autumn season.

Skillfully embroidered in black and orange on a white ditzy background with purple accents is this cute lil vignette.

This little pointed witch’s hat is set off by the saying “Don’t make me flip my witch switch”.

Perfect as a housewarming gift or a hostess present you will make someone’s day by presenting them with this handmade embroidery hoop. Stitched right here in Iowa, this hoop will be one of your favorite Halloween decorations to pull out year after year.

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