Yesterday morning I finally went into my appointment with the therapist my midwife set up for me. Whatever I said must have been fairly alarming because that afternoon I got about 5 calls each from her office and my midwives’ office. They even called my MIL as she was listed as an alternative #. I had to drag the whole family out for an appointment with another doctor this morning at 7:30. He was a psychiatrist, who said that I definately am clinically depressed, on the high end of post-partum depression, bordering on post-partum psychosis. Nice. He is conservative, and doesn’t want to have to put me on anti-depressants especially in light of the breastfeeding, and is going to talk to my other care providers. He did think though, that I might want to try them before things get any worse. I think everyone’s worried that I’m going to turn into an Andrea Yates, but won’t come right out and say it.

I have another appointment with the therapist on Monday.

4 thoughts on “Diagnosis

  1. Jessica, first, your two little girls are punkins! Did you take all those pics? That’s one thing I’m terrible about…I take pics, but they never make it into frames. Our family portrait is 4 years old. Sigh.

    Second, here’s a great big hug. I’m so sorry you’re having to suffer from PPD. It’s a very real and hopeless feeling. I’m sending up a prayer right now for you, and want to keep checking in. If you want to talk about it, feel free to email me here: Mary@minthegap.com

    Thanks for coming by and commenting, I love getting to know all these great blogging mamas!

  2. Thank you and thank you!

    Yep, I took those pictures.
    I so appreciate the prayer!

    You’re welcome! I check your blog for the great ideas and come away with a new sense of peace and renewed vigor for mothering and homemaking! Keep it up!

  3. momma g says:

    Baby, this makes it sound somewhat scarier than when I talked to you or Kevin. I am still hoping that you will follow your caregivers’ advice, since that’s why you went to them in the first place. You are much in our prayers.

  4. Thank you, Jessica, for your sweet encouragement! I hope you come back often…I’m going to add you to my blogroll…the easier to visit you! ;O)

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