DayBook 2-22

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Outside my window… It was a gorgeous snowy day today

I am thinking… I am really glad I don’t have to be dating. The Bachelor is really getting to me…

I am thankful for… my parents

I am wearing… maternity jeans and an oatmeal maternity shirt. Sigh.

I am remembering… my grandma, Oh how I miss her.

I am going… to MOPS, a drop-in dance class for the girls

I am reading… back issues of Mother Earth News

I am hoping… to make it through the next three days without my honey here

On my mind… wondering how big I’m going to be getting…I’ve already “blossomed” considerably

From the learning rooms… reading is coming along wonderfully!

Noticing that… Cadrian is becoming less a baby every day.

Pondering these words… The things that matter the most in this world, they can never be held in our hand. ~Gloria Gaither

From the kitchen…Easy Peasy Pie (whatever almost makes itself)

Around the house… upkeep and putting away my regular size clothes and breaking out the maternity clothes

One of my favorite things…coffee ice cream and my grandma’s homemade chocolate sauce

From my picture journal…

Playing Baby Jesus–Cadrian Playing Mary–Aviana Playing the Angel holding a TinkerToy star of wonder–Brielle

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