A day

It’s funny–I was posting on a forum about my day. My day can be summed up in about 5 sentences. Maybe less, maybe more, depending on who I’m talking to and how well they listen.

Started the day practically head ache free, and if you had any idea how much PAIN the last few days have been, that’s really saying something. Aviana and I went to a historical village and then to McDonald’s Playplace with a friend. We stopped at a store; she’s a great little shopping partner. After picking up the littles from my in-laws’, we had some all together quiet time. We played some card games together, made cookies together, and read together. They went to bed.

I can’t begin to sum up how annoyed I was when I dropped my coffee and it splatter BOTH of the girls all over the backs of their matching shirts before we’d even left the house.

I can’t begin to summarize how enamored I was, holding hands with my five year old as we strolled around the historical village together, talking big girl talk.

I can’t even describe how much I loved having my preschooler run outside barefoot on this chilly day to greet me with a ginormous hug.

I couldn’t tell you the depth of my heartache talking on the phone to my grandma who sounded far past muddled because of all the meds she is on in the hospital.

I can’t fathom how to describe the outpouring of emotion that overcame me reading the heartfelt letter from one of our fellow “Samaritans” in Samaritan’s Ministry, who sent our check back, praising God their medical bills had already been paid!

I can’t begin to tell you how mirthfully sweet it is seeing Aviana in the new coat I got her. She’s an adorably innocent cross between a pimp and a Muppet.

I can’t possibly talk about how amazing it is seeing my toddler rush toward me when a gleam in his eye, and start signing to try and describe all the things he’s seeing and learning.

And still, even after trying to describe this day a little, I still can’t.

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