Colossal fails

The homemade granola I made was amazing. As was the yogurt. Scrumptious!

The créme freiche on the other hand: colossal fail. And this was the second time I tried to make it.
I’m trying to teach the girls about reflexes. I found mine in my knee easy peasy. They were intrigued by how my leg kicks out without my making it happen. I pretty much beat their knees black and blue for fifteen minutes (ok, slight exaggeration) and STILL did not once make any of their feet kick.
Maybe they just don’t have any reflexes.
Cadrian and I have been having a battle of the wills regarding picking up the Tinker Toys, for the last hour. We were going to go to Target…
I participated in a “Craft It Forward” on Facebook, but I totally lost my list of who I need to send my stuff to–if that was you, would you please remind me, so I don’t have to have that be one more fail today? Thanks ever so!

2 thoughts on “Colossal fails

  1. I've been looking at trying to make my own granola – hmmm … what is your recipe?

    hopefully the rest of your day doesn't have any more fails though they make for some funny writing – love the reflexes one – i can never find mine.

  2. I responded to your Facebook Craft if Forward. I must say, this has been a rough year for me with the failures. I'm thinking the last two thirds will be all about successes!


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