When they



and sometimes I

One of my favorites has got to be

When there’s a lot of

a nip or two of this

usually helps.
In the evenings we settle down with a movie and
(made from scratch coconut brownies, vanilla ice cream with homemade chocolate sauce)

And everyone in the family is a great big fan, especially

For more chocolatey goodness, click on the Wordless Wednesday Picture at the top.

10 thoughts on “Chocolate:

  1. What fun! I loved the way you presented your chocolate pictures!

    I am SO making those brownies… I almost made them for the fotofest, but I decided to do something the kids could join in on. 🙂


  2. The Little Debbie bars??!!

    MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love the way you can separate all the layers and really extend the delicious-ness of it all.

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