Children’s Day

‘Cause it’s all about them.

Children’s Day has been a huge hit and huge motivator this summer. I’m loving it even though I’m getting more and more cumbersome and all I really want to do is sit in the A/C with the fan blowing on me and watch some brain free TV online or read some brain free novel.
But, I can’t, so I make the best of it.
Today, we went to church, where donut holes and God were involved. How can you go wrong?
Then we had lunch at Sonic. Yummaroo!
Then we went to Miss Effie’s.

Cadrian would have been fine right here. Friendly kitties are all he really needs for a good time. But I dragged him on to the rest of the fun.

He really really really wanted to go into the chicken pen, but I managed to talk him out of it every time.
This is a corn crib turned gazebo, but I really need one at our farm for Baby Jail.
We savored homemade cake and ice cream–proceeds going to the local food pantry. Mmmmm….angel food. Mmmmm…ice cream. But I digress.
Aviana met a kindred spirit in Abi, who let her spin a little, and she and Aviana sat side by side for a little finger knitting.

I had to keep dashing off to find this one who couldn’t resist the appeal of the chickens. And ducks.

But in the end, we got some gorgeous flowers picked and no one (namely me) fainted from the heat.

You’d think that would be a big enough of an event for someone due to have Baby # 4 in 41 days (give or take) but no!
There’s more!

My parent’s church threw an awesome picnic we then attended. Food galore! Down home cookin’ to die for (or at least get up out of the lawn chair for!) Friendly fun people! Games!

Like a tug o’war!

Bounce houses!


Three legged races!

And more–

The girls went to spend the night at Gigi and Opa’s and Cadrian and I returned home grubby, exhausted and happy.

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