Bringing Hygge Home

In case you’re not on Pinterest as much as I am, hygge ( pronounced hooga) is the feeling of peace and cozy. Having six kids does not lend itself to much peace or cozy honestly, but I try my best.

how to make your home hygge family momCandles

Obviously, with a three year old getting into literally everything, real candles aren’t usually an option. I’ve been super happy with the tiny tealights you can buy at the Dollar Tree. I also really like Woodwick Candles, which are surprisingly available at Walmart now! I try to having a candle burning/turned on, all the time during the winter.


We have about a zillion throw blankets which we store by literally throwing them behind the couch. It’s so very hygge to snuggle up with people you love and share cozy blanket.


For me, this is paramount. My chicklets are wonderful and I thoroughly enjoy them. At the same time, they fight, argue, yell, make messes, be loud, interrupt me constantly, interrupt each other, have big feelings, crowd me… all the same things your kids do. I love to be silly and laugh with them. It helps diffuse a lot of the tensions when they arise. Being hggye is about comfort and relationships. I think laughter is component we all need.


I have a gas fireplace in the living room while it is delightful, it really does use a lot of gas so is impractical to run on a regular basis. The electric one in my room is a good option, but I can only be up there at night. I make do by listening to fireplaces on Youtube. It’s a fantastic discovery for me, because I can get that calming vibe in my ear buds, can still hear the kids, but their happy little (LOUD) cricket voices are dulled.fireplace home hygge winter family mom

Warm Drinks

Warm lemonade made with real lemons and stevia is a simple low carb drink I just love. You could also have hot water and plain lemon, tea, coffee, hot cocoa, a hot toddy, whatever you’re in the mood for.

Fuzzy Slippers

I love to barefoot inside of a pair of cozy fleece slippers. If your six year old picked you out a bright red pair covered with Christmas lights, all the better!

An Attitude of Being in the Moment

A practice I’ve begun this year is to say to myself “I am breathing in.” “I am breathing out.” It sounds a little trite but it is amazing how it helps me stop my racing thoughts and mental to-do list and calm myself.

hygge home family content mom

Hygge is a way of life, not only in the winter, but all year round, of being cozy and content. How are you bringing hygge home?

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