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Today was a much better day. Thank you all for your encouragement. That’s part of why I love blogging you know. It’ s sort of a journal for me, therapeutic in nature just to write. And with the blog, I get feedback and support.
Of course it really helped that my parents were here. Brielle went upstairs to hang out with them when she awoke at oh-dark-thirty.
We see a midwife an hour away, and we had an appointment today. My dad volunteered to keep the girls so we could go without any little helpers. From 10-2 I was kid free, and unencumbered by responsibility. When we got home, they were both peacefully sleeping like little angels.
Kevin headed out to side dress corn while I started in all the dishes. I didn’t even get a chance to fold any of the six baskets of laundry sitting around before Brielle was awake.
It was sunny and warm today too, so we made smoothies and then put on their suits to go out and play in some water.

The water looks so dirty because of all the sand Aviana poured into it.
Watering a weed.
Watering a poodle. This is Gypsy, my parent’s dog.
Performing amazing feats of acrobatics.

Yesterday, I had filled up the wading pool, but by the time quiet time was over it was raining. The day before, I took the girls to the local pool, but was informed upon arriving the kiddie pool was closed and the regular pool starts at a depth of four feet. So we left.

I was talking to my MIL on the way there, and told her the girls were just thrilled about going swimming at the pool. Regarding our discouraging news, Aviana quipped, “I’m SO disappointed. I was so wooting fowrward to being fwiwlled.” (I was looking forward to being thrilled!)
We took baths and then we ate mixed veggies (of which, Brielle requested seconds!), popcorn, cheese and apples while watching Sleeping Beauty. After which, we read a couple stories, sang a couple hymns, I popped the girls in bed, and Dada came in just in time to tell them a made-up story. Within minutes they were both asleep.

5 thoughts on “Bits of Today

  1. I was thinking of you this morning and wondering how yesterday went.

    Kid free from 10-2! It’s like taking a cool shower on a hot day… refreshing. And I am so glad you had a bit of time alone with your husband.

    I hope today was just as good. 🙂


  2. I’m glad things are better – 35 weeks pg – wow!!! How exciting it will be to meet your new little one soon. Looks like it was a fun, sunny day at your place!

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