Baby Knows Her Colors

Or Rather, Baby Knows A COLOR. This was so funny to me because it was the fourth time we had done it. And I’m tired, what can I say? Everything’s funnier when you’re tired.

Those things on her arms, in case you’re wondering, are a flip flop and a seahorse tattoo from the birthday party yesterday.

And as if this wasn’t enough funny for you, check out Make Me Laugh Monday over at Absolutely Bananas!

3 thoughts on “Baby Knows Her Colors

  1. Ok, I was laughing with you!! Can I take a wild guess—purple is her favorite color??

    My favorite part was when she started to put the crayon in her mouth, then said “Uh uh” and looked at you….like she KNEW what you were going to say before you even said it!

  2. Oh, I love her little voice!! This was incredibly cute – I love how she seemed to know when she got it right!

    Judah does the same thing, but with pink. Everything is pink. I guess that comes with the territory when you have two sisters! 🙂


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